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Come visit the most colorful place in Philly! Rainbow walls, pop culture references, and interactive art are just a few exciting things this playful indoor world has to offer. Come explore, take pictures, create content, and hop in our rainbow ball pit. It's a fun zone for kids and adults. Once you take it all in, you'll get your own personal photo shoot and video shoot!


Our hidden gem is the perfect place to escape the overcrowded touristy attractions. Our appointment-only method gives visitors the space they need to snap all the cool photos and videos they want without strangers and photo bombers in the background.


This colorful creative wormhole will have all your friends wondering why you didn't invite them to come along. Reignbow Room is more than a selfie museum and a content house... it is a personal playground and world full of fun!


***Reignbow Room is still in the works. It is a continuous transforming space. Different things may pop up in different seasons and holidays, and that's part of what makes it FUN. Reignbow Room currently has two rooms open with lots of content possibilities. Additional themes and rooms are COMING SOON! ***

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